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Beauty the Natural Way

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The word ‘organic’ has, for many years, been associated with fruit and vegetables, with households more conscious about the environment and what they put in their bodies.  Families are continuing to add organic products to their shopping trolleys, and this has now extended to their health and beauty products.


So here are the five reasons why you should seriously think about swapping your favourite beauty products for an alternative organic product.


  1. Good for the environment

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Organic products are just that organic.  They are produced using organically farmed ingredients without the use of synthetic fertilisers, herbicides and genetically modified organisms.   The packaging is also environmentally friendly and once finished can be recycled.


  1. Better for your skin and your health

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Did you know that your body absorbs the products that you cover it with?  No?  Imagine how many different chemicals that could be.  You use health and beauty products to look your best, but should that be to the detriment of your health? Of course, it should not be.  The use of organic health and beauty products is just like serving yourself a plate of good quality food for your skin So, what are you waiting for?


  1. No Synthetic Fragrances here

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Have you ever tried a new beauty product and within minutes your skin has started to itch?  That could be the fragrance contained within the product.  Most organic beauty products will list all the ingredients, including what is creating the product’s scent.  For those with sensitive skin or allergies, this information can be the difference between a glowing face and a red and blotchy one.


  1. Better ingredients, Better results

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If you were to put two dishes side by side, one cooked from scratch, the other ready-made, which one do you think would taste the best?  Of course, it would be the one cooked from scratch with the better ingredients.  That’s the same with beauty products; the better the ingredient, the better the results.  So, if you are dishing up homemade meals you surely must be using organic health and beauty products – right?


  1. VM Organic only use organic health and beauty products.

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For those who already use organic health and beauty products at home, continuing beauty the natural way does not have to stop when you fancy a pamper session as VM organic only use organic health and beauty products.  So why not treat a friend and introduce them to beauty the natural way. See our shop for a variety of NYR organic products and Tropic organic products

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