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The importance of staying connected in a modern world

The importance of staying connected in a modern world


The modern world and technology has brought us some pretty amazing things. Smartphones that can do everything in the palm of your hand, virtual reality consoles that can take you anywhere and of course, the front-facing selfie cam!

It has also brought us social media. Social media, whether it comes in the form of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat is a great way to stay in touch with our friends and family. It is a great way to update everyone in our network of what is going on and to ensure that we don’t feel lonely when we are alone.

However, that said, there are some real issues that have cropped up with social media too. Social media is not only having an impact on how we see ourselves as people, but it is also having an impact on how we communicate and interact too.

Social media and ourselves

One issue that social media has had on us as people is how we view ourselves. This is particularly true when you think of things such as Snapchat or Instagram. These photo sharing platforms use a variety of filters to ensure that the person taking and sharing the photo looks their best. This can cause issues with things such as self-esteem and particularly in younger people, make them feel inadequate compared to those around them.

Social media and others

Being able to share things is one of the best things about social media, but it can have a tendency to lead to oversharing. Not only may you broadcast moments that you may not have otherwise, but it can also make relationships or friendships become all the more intense, much quicker. It can also make us lazy when it comes to actually putting down our phones and looking at the world, and the people around us!

Stay connected!

Now, we are not completely bashing social media, in fact, for the most part, it is a fantastic thing to have. What we believe here, is that social media should never replace real human interaction. It is vital that whilst you may connect with people by commenting on or liking their post, you also take the chance to say this in person.

Make arrangements to actually meet up with those people that you virtually catch up with. Whilst you may not have to spend ages updating one another on the things that you have done, mainly because you will have already seen, you will still have plenty to talk about.

Not only will you feel great for being actually social, but there is literally nothing that can beat the smile or a hug from a friend or loved one!

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