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The importance of an active brain

The importance of an active brain

You may just think that forgetfulness and memory loss is something that happens with age and that there is nothing you can do to improve it.

The truth is that keeping your brain active throughout your life is the best way to ensure that it functions right up into old age.

We have put together some of the very best ways to keep your grey matter ticking over; ensuring that you are bright and alert no matter your age.

Puzzles and crosswords

Puzzles and crosswords are ideal for giving your brain a good workout. Depending on the type of puzzle that you like to complete you will work out a different part of your brain. Crosswords will give the language and memory areas of your brain some exercise whilst jigsaw puzzles will flex the parietal lobes.


You might not realise it, but having a good discussion is a great way to work on your brain power. Whether you talk about something you have knowledge on or indulge in an area that you are not so sure about, you will be able to share your expertise as well as learn something new too.

A new hobby

Hobbies are not only great for mental wellbeing they are also great for the health of your brain too. Art, craft, singing, theatre or perhaps a new exercise; in learning these new skills you will be expanding your brain as well as being able to interact and socialise with new people too.

A tricky dance or a new language

Learning something new will get your brain ticking over. Whether this is a step heavy dance routine or Spanish, you will not only feel great to be expanding your knowledge but you will also have your brain working up a sweat too!

Losing yourself in a good book

Reading is one of the best forms of brain exercises that you can choose to do. One of the best ways to keep your brain active is to delve into a great book. Not only will a book ignite your imagination, the text will also challenge your brain and kick-start it into action.

Get active

Not only will exercise help with your health, but particular sports can help you to improve your co-ordination as well as keeping you feeling great too!

Just by taking the time to indulge yourself in one of these activities once a week you will see an improve in your brain function. By combing several of them and completing them regularly you will be sure to be alert and ready for anything no matter your age.

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