Spray Tanning

Organic Tan 30 minutes £25.00

Why not add a little spray tan colour to your life? VM Organic in Eastcombe, Stroud, Gloucestershire, offer a range of organic spray tan packages helping you achieve a healthy glow all year. We all lust after the perfect tan; testing the hand of chance can be a dangerous game when it comes to the sun. A major cause of skin cancer, the sun is also infamous for quickening the ageing process. It was important to us that we sourced a product capable of conditioning the skin, instead of simply bronzing it.

That’s why we donned our research hats and compared all the spray tans on the market, searching for a natural product that is Organic PARABEN, ALCOHOL & SLS FREE.
After ingesting reams of literature on the subject, and gaining an overview of the market, we have opted to use Organic tan by Nouvatan. Spray tans are used in programmes such as How to Look Good Naked and Strictly Come Dancing, and by stars the world over. Well, at VM Organic, our clients are the stars, and making sure they look and feel great is our highest priority.


What can you do to get the best from your tan?

48 hours before a tan treatment, please ensure you de-hair, 72 hours if you are waxing exfoliate and moisturise; such preparation will ensure your tan endures. Do not moisturise or use other products on your skin, on the day, however, and once tanned ensure you moisturise at least once per day; shower and pat yourself dry. Any questions please just ask.

We would like you to know that certain hormones levels and changes, can affect your spray tan, in most cases the tan looks brilliant but if you are on HRT, the pill, implant, have hormone problems such as polycystic ovaries this may affect your tan and may cause it to look patchy and can vary from tan to tan even on the same person.  We feel that you should know this information so you can make an informed decision we like our clients to be happy, and so would not spray tan you take your money and risk you not being happy. We feel knowledge is power and us letting you know allows you to make an informed decision.