Lomi Lomi

 Lomi Lomi 70 minutes £48.00

For ultimate relaxation enjoy a Lomi Lomi massage as known as Hawaiian massage or Huna massage at VM Organic  Stroud Gloucestershire. This method originated from Hawai, and was bodywork performed by the priests in the healing temples and was practiced as a restorative and medicinal treatment. Although all kinds of people can avail or receive Lomi Lomi massage, it is particularly suitable for people who are under great stress, nervousness, anxiety as this massage is performed with relaxation techniques.

There is not a set sequence in Lomi Lomi and each treatment will differ according to the client’s needs. Long sweeping circular actions using the forearms are used. A total indulgence and pamper helping you to fully relax and soothe away all your niggles and aches.

Relax • Recharge • Revitalise