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How to get super smooth skin

How to get super smooth skin


As the years begin to pass us by it is our skin that starts to show its age and no looks or feels as smooth as it once was.  Sadly the ageing process cannot be stopped.  But that doesn’t have to mean that you just give up and let go.


There are numerous tips and tricks that us ladies, and even some gentlemen, can follow to help get back your super smooth skin.



The top of layer of the skin’s surface is the oldest and dies off to allow for new skin cells to grow.  If the dead skin cells are not correctly removed, this can lead to future skin problems.  Removal is most effective by exfoliation which gets rid of all the dead cells to leave behind the healthy one.




On occasion wearing excessive make-up is a must.  However, it is better for your skin to avoid wearing too many layers of make-up on a daily basis.  Some will dry out your skin, others will add more oil, and a few will give you spots.  Not all woman will go too many days without adding some extra touches to her natural look, but ensure all is taken off before bed.



Skin loses moisture every single day and it is important that you replenish what has been lost.  A good moisturiser, applied daily, will do just this, but avoid applying straight after a bath or shower as this only results in watering down the moisturising lotion or cream.  Make sure, when drying off, that you do not vigorously rub at your skin or leave any wet patches – both can lead to dry skin.





Skin needs to breathe to maintain a healthy complexion, so try to avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or too heavy.  Those with soft, light materials go easy on the skin surface.  If a garment begins to rub, beware, this could lead to rough patches on your skin.


Balanced Diet

What you eat and drink not only affects your health but it can affect your skin.  It doesn’t mean that your favourite chocolate cake can no longer pass your lips, it just means that the food and drink deemed unhealthy needs to be done so in moderation.  And don’t forget that all important liquid – water – that will not only hydrate your body but will keep those all-important organs functioning in the right way.


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