Corporate Services

Enjoy and relax with VM Organic corporate services.

We’re so confident about our service, we’re happy to take our treatments directly to you. That’s why we’ll make no bones about dimming the lights and diffusing the hectic, breakneck environment of your office. Whatever the size and stressfulness of your workplace, we have the tools and the professionals, to loosen ties and lift spirits. Let’s face it, happy, relaxed staff are infinitely easier to work with than the over-stressed colleagues we cross the road to avoid at lunch. Satisfied staff are also less prone to the spurious sick call!

We provide on-site massage and reflexology treatments and offer excellent deals for bulk bookings. Which can be fitted in so that the whole company doesn’t need to stop work. Many bosses find the incentive and reward of a monthly massage makes their staff feel appreciated and put in more effort. As a thank you for every work place event the organiser sends us, we will award the organiser with a free treatment. Because we want to reward our customers, regular bookings will be priced on a sliding scale. Some companies pay for all or part of the staff treatments some companies let the staff have the treatment time off. so if you are boss who would like to reward your staff but not sure your budget can make it work speak to us. (Treatments start from 15 min slots)

Showing your staff you care couldn’t be simpler. For more information about our corporate services, please call and ask for a quote.