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Be kind to your feet

Despite the fact that over a quarter of the bones in our bodies are in our feet, it is often all too easy to neglect looking after them. They are made up of 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles and 107 ligaments, they take approximately 10,000 steps each and every day, and travel up to 115,000 miles in a lifetime; but feet can still miss out on the attention and care which they need.

Before we discuss the options for improving sore or achy feet, it would first make sense to consider how to avoid this pain in the first place. The most obvious answer is to wear sensible shoes. Unfortunately the most sensible shoe isn’t always the most attractive, and often you may have to choose between that new pair of stiletto heels or your flat pumps. Everyone’s made the mistake of going out for the evening with friends, and found themselves in agony after only a couple of hours – even with the pain relieving qualities of several alcoholic drinks! Even though we couldn’t imagine modern life without them, our feet are not designed to walk in shoes. Post-mortem research on individuals from cultures who wore no shoes has revealed that their feet were much healthier than ours are now; but as we can’t really waltz into the office or park without shoes on, the best alternative is to make sure your shoes are sensible and flat – most of the time, at least.

Foot care is a process which you can complete either at a spa or at your own home, so there’s really no excuse not to. The simplest treatment would be to immerse your feet your 10 minutes in warm water mixed with salt, which will deal with aches and pains while improving the skin of your feet. Alternatively, why not grab an extra bowl and try swapping between warm and cold water every couple of minutes, as this is proven to furthermore improve blood flow to your feet.

After your soak, you may even want to give yourself a foot massage – or have your other half do it for you! The process is not difficult; begin by applying cream or oil to the hands, and run your hands up and down the tops, instep, and soles of the feet, lightly at first but gradually increasing pressure. Follow this by massaging around and between the toes, and finally wash off any excess cream from the hands.

If you really feel like treating yourself, you may also consider letting the professionals do their thing, and visit a spa. Some spas will even come to your home, and offer a wide range of services. From a basic pedicure offering cuticle treatment and polish (or sturdier minx coverings if you’re going on holiday and want lovely nails for the duration!), to removal of hard skin, calluses or in-grown nails; spa treatments offer you the perfect opportunity for some personal relaxation, while also looking after your feet.


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