By August 22, 2018

Backache? Stand up for a less sedentary lifestyle.

Stand up for a less Sedentary Lifestyle


Have you spent a few hours at your desk with a deadline looming and sat in the same position?  How does your back feel when you finally get out of your seat – painful, aching, in need of some TLC.  Or do you spend your day in the driver’s seat for long periods of time?

Many people across the world will spend too much time sitting down; whether that is as part of their job, at home in front of the TV, or just curled up with a good book.  This is what is known as a Sedentary Lifestyle, and it can play havoc with your back.  It is also a lifestyle that you can fall into as you age without thinking about it.

Life can be busy and most of us will admit that the thought of exercising after a long day at work does not fill us with joy.  But you don’t need to hit the gym to counteract the effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle, and you can even add a bit more movement to your work day too!


So how can we stand up for a less Sedentary Lifestyle?  Here are some tips to get your started and out that sitting position:


  1. How about standing up when you are on the telephone, or even walking around if you’re on your mobile or cordless phone.
  2. Why not get up and have a stretch or two after each chapter of your latest book.
  3. Instead of fast forwarding the adverts, why not use that time to stand up and march around.
  4. Same goes for when you’re engrossed in a boxset; after each episode, have a stretch, walk up and down the stairs (or the other way around depending on which room you’re in).
  5. If you’re planning a long journey, make sure you factor in some rest breaks, to give you the opportunity to get out of the car and stretch your back.
  6. If you’re working on a project with a looming deadline, set some reminders on your phone/laptop/computer to remind you to get up out your seat and give your back a break.
  7. Take advantage of your lunchbreak and go for a walk, even if it’s just to the bottom of the road and back.
  8. Instead of inviting your friends for a catch up at the local coffee shop, why not suggest a nice walk around the park or along the seafront.
  9. Go and talk to that work colleague rather than send a quick email, or Skype message.
  10. If you can get off the bus or the tube one stop earlier, give it a go, and get those legs moving and that back standing up straight.
  11. Take a break from ordering your food shop online and take a walk around the aisle instead.

So, the next time you suffer a backache, why not take a closer look at what you were doing prior to that; you’ll be surprised how long you were sitting down for.

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